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Drug Tests and Law Violations

Operating farm equipment can be dangerous, so Family First Farm requires all full-time and temporary employees to take random drug tests to reduce job-related injuries. In the past year, the tested employees were 89 percent Hispanic and 11 percent other ethnicities. Hispanics made up only 90 percent of the temporary work force. Family First Farm does not have any Hispanic employees on the full-time payroll. In the past year, 15 Hispanics lost their jobs after failing the drug test. Does Family First Farm's testing policy violate any laws? Discuss why or why not. If so, do the fired Hispanics qualify for some type of compensation?

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Drug tests are legal for employment purposes, and in this case, we have a situation where an employee under the influence of drugs could easily harm another person due to the type and nature of work being performed. In the past year, the tested employees were 89% Hispanic and 11% from other ethnicities. The important point in this case is that 100% of the employees have to be tested. They're not picking employees at random and 89% are Hispanic, so the test and the method they're using (100% ...

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This solution discusses the legality of Family First Farm's policy to drug test employees and also discusses the implications of the Hispanic employee population. Relevant laws are clearly stated.