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    contract law

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    Land Investment, Inc. hires Commercial Construction Company (CCC) to renovate the interior of Land Investment's office building. CCC completes the major reconstruction, paints the interior and buys the pictures and furnishings. Land Investment rejects some of the furnishings, because they do not match the plans and later refuses to allow CCC to finish the work or to collect payment. Can CCC win in a suit against Land Investment for payment of the entire contract? Why or why not? Explain your answer.

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    As Land Investment hires CCC there is a contract between Land Investment and CCC. We assume that the conditions of the contract will have the details of furnishings that Land Investment requires. If there are some parts of the furnishings that do not match the specifications of Land Investment, then Land Investment can insist on specific performance in accordance to the contract and even if the matter goes to the court, the court will force CCC to specifically provide those furnishings that have been mentioned in the ...

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