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Business Law - International policies and regulations

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Research an American firm/corporation that has been affected or is in the process of responding to recent shifts in international policies and regulations as they relate to foreign investment.

Address the following question:
1.Has business globalization and the inception of e-commerce impacted the importance of such policies?
2.One of the most difficult problems faced by American corporations is the matter of foreign investment: what international countries to invest in and what is the risk.
3. Discuss this issue keeping in mind the current instability of European and Asian markets.

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// Policies and regulations are the rules and the guidelines that help an organization in achieving their long term plans. They help in planning and designing the activities that take place in an organization. Due to globalization, international business has become popular. Factors like politics and law affects the success and failure of the international business. In this context, we will discuss the impacts of e-commerce in business globalization.//

Dramatic changes in the technology have provided the means that thrust the growth of international business. This has led to competition both in domestic and international market. Business organizations look beyond domestic markets for new opportunity. Multinational companies are the major agents of the international economy. Globalization of economy is necessary in the current time, as it benefits everyone. International trade has become complex due to global competition (Dercon, 2003).

Globalization leads to many changes in the nature of work in an organization. It's the market that dictates the way a corporation thinks and treats its employees rather than the organization. This has also increased the gap between rich and poor and also developed job insecurity among the employees. A slight change in international policies affects companies to a great extent. Multinational companies, these days focus ...

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Legal Operations in International Business

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(Library assignment) Your first morning at ABC Corporation, a senior vice president has come to you with a memorandum from the board that will require your assistance in answering. You realize the memorandum is not part of your consultant responsibilities, but you decide to assist the vice president and to respond to the board memorandum. The memorandum will require research and an explanation to the board of directors of what actions need to be undertaken. The memorandum addresses the board of directors' decision to implement a screening system to monitor worldwide employee use of the Internet browsers and company e-mail systems because the number of employees has grown so large. The employee growth has resulted in a large backlog of information on customers and employees including some personal medical information. Additional customer information is retained in a separate database on customers from the Internet operations. The corporation's legal responsibility to secure, protect, retain, and handle the data is not well understood by the ABC board of directors or management team.

The board has asked that a short memorandum be prepared that will address the following topics:

Define comparative law and international law.
Discuss how these concepts are related in the area of employee information privacy.
Compare and contrast the privacy laws of the United States with the EU data directives.
Some but not all international and domestic laws to be considered include the following: Health Information Protection Act (HIPA); Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA); Public Law 104-191, Graham-Leach-Bliley Act 15 USC, Subchapter I, Sec. 6801-6809; Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal Information; USA PATRIOT Act, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act; and numerous EU Data Directives.
Submit the memorandum to the Discussion Board for review and discussion.
Use the Internet and Library databases in your research. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. For more information on APA, please visit the APASTYLE Lab.

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