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    Definition of the Rights of Health Providers

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    1. Given that rights have dominated several healthcare debates, how would you define rights as a healthcare provider and why?

    2. What are the consequences of your definition?

    3. What type of patient-provider model would best accommodate your definition of rights?

    4. If rights also produce obligations - how can both patients and providers claim professional or personal rights over the same issue?

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    1. At its most fundamental, a right is a claim, on other persons, that is acknowledged and perhaps reciprocated among the principals associated with that claim. One concept of rights is a principle of interaction between people which amounts to the simplest version of the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). In other words, it is a mutually beneficial agreement between two or more people; each of them agrees to behave in a certain way towards the others so that they will behave in the same way towards him/her. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rights).

    2. Both the healthcare provider and the patients ...

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    This solution discusses various aspects of the rights of the health provider, such as definition, consequences of this definition, the type of patient-provider model that fits the definition and the obligation of the rights. It then discusses how both patients and providers could claim professional or personal rights over the same issue. Supplemental with information on a the right of a Healthcaree provider.