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    Tax deductions: Fines, bribes and loan points

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    Tax deductions: fines, bribes and loan points. See attached file for full problem description.

    11. Anothony owns a trucking business. During the current year he incurred the following:

    Gasoline and Oil $90,000
    Maintenance $15,000
    Fines for Speeding and Illegal Parking $8,000
    Bribes to Government Inspection Officials $11,000

    What is the total amount of deductible expenses?

    a. $105,000
    b. $113,000
    c. $116,000
    d. $124,000

    12. Points incurred in connection with which of the following transactions involving a taxpayer's principal residence are not deductible when paid?

    a. purchase
    b. refinance
    c. construction
    d. improvement

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    11. Fines and bribes are illegal expenses and not deductible on any tax return any ...

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    The solution explains exactly what points are and when they are deductible. The deductibility of fines, bribes and illegal expenses are commented on.