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    Issues in global procurement

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    What legal and ethical issues has your organization or an organization of your choice encountered in moving to a global procurement environment? How were these issues handled? Do you agree or disagree with these choices? Why or why not?

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    A company I worked with briefly, managed a contract for washers and nuts that were part of a weapon used by a foreign military. While the washers and nuts were the same type and size as ones manufactured for a domestic weapons company, the materials used were not as specific for the foreign company. The materials used in the domestic nuts was more expensive by weight as well if the company went with a less steel composite. The steel in the domestic nuts was 92% and the less expensive steel was 81%. Both were considered good for the weapons industry, but few were using the less expensive, especially ...

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    A discussion on the legal and ethical issues faced by a company in the global market for procuring goods, resources, and services. The biggest concerns are determined.