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    Ethical Scenario

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    You are quitting a job to take another better paying position elsewhere. The owners have hired an individual to replace you. It has come to your attention that this individual has been fired from her last job at the bank for embezzling $20,000. She has paid it back and is now on probation (you have all of the documentation to back up the findings). Her position here will be to do the daily deposits and control the cash on hand ($4,500 in cash and banks for tills). She will be the only office employee. What do you do? Do you go straight to the owners with your findings? Send the information anonymously? Let it go since you don't owe the company anything? Just assume that the owners already know and don't care?
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    I would absolutely go to the owner immediately. Not only is it the right thing to do, but if you don't, and she ends up stealing, you may very well be considered an accomplice, if not de jure, at least de facto.

    Now, also consider this: Are there any disadvantages to telling the owners? I really can't think of any. I also look at this from the standpoint of the owner of this firm. If one of my employees left for a better paying position, I'd be happy for them. And if they found out information like this, I would certainly appreciate it being brought to my attention.

    Now, of course, you need to understand how to come to an ethical decision. I recommend the following:

    "Consider this - is it ethical that CEO's get paid salaries hundreds of times greater than their most junior employees? You could argue a CEO contributes more to the overall ...

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