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    Business Ethics Principles: Tyco Case Study

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    Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author, and discuss the major issues presented in the case.

    Answer these three questions using the business ethics principles:
    1. What do you think is Kozlowski's motivation for trying to avoid paying sales tax on the art work?
    2. Explain what the concept of comingling of assets with Tyco was.
    3. Would it have been possible for the board of directors to see the adjustments taking place in the many different programs at Tyco?

    The summary of the author's viewpoint and your discussion of the major issues presented in the case must be in paragraph form. However, the responses to the three Questions for Thought can be answered either in paragraph form or as a numbered list.

    Please cite all sources following the APA style citation guidelines.
    Reference: Stanwick, P.A. & Stanwick, S.D. (2009). Understanding business ethics (1st ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

    Tyco Case Study can be found at:

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    I have outlined the response for you. You will need to put in the specifics that you feel are most important to the cases involved and how it affected any particular decisions based on your knowledge and your class needs.

    The author is concerned with the many efforts of the Tyco CEO to avoid ethical behavior in both his personal life and the spillover into the corporate life. His efforts to avoid taxes made Tyco look bad to the public. He also attempted to grow the company, while not considering the impact of the "conglomerate" mindset on the company. There is also concern that the corporate leaders were unclear or unwilling to question the changes being made and many were participants in the overall poor ethical behaviors occurring within the company.

    Specific to the taxes, not only was he accused of not paying taxes on his own personal purchases, he attempted to avoid tax burden for the company. Moving the headquarters was a blatant act of legal tax evasion. However, the tax evading moves were not the only things that the board of directors seemed to ignore or be unaware of. There were other issues.

    Investigations lead law enforcement to possible intermingling of monies of the CEO and Tyco. Loan ...

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    The expert summarizes the overall viewpoint of the author. The major issues which are presented are given. The comingling as assets with Tyco are given.