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    Examples of negotiations taking place amongst US businesses

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    Require a 6 sentence paragraph showing some negotiations taking place. It should be 3 events taking place in the U.S and one globally, concentrating on business and an issue of importance.

    For example. 1. US biz - microsoft negotiated on xyz with cisco, ford negotiated with its workers on salaries etc, MTA transit strike in Nyc negotitation between city and workers... etc..and for globally it could be opec negotiated to increase oil production.

    I want this to be done for the week starting from March 1 2005 to April 18 2005.

    i.e March 1 the news in the previous week, next march 8th, march 15 and so on until april 18... Talk about events that happened close or on those dates which involved negotiations. You can use the wall street jounral, financial times, New york times. Be sure to mention the dates. thanks

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    1st Week
    McDonalds negotiates with the owners of San Diego and San Diego State University for hosting 29th annual Boys Game and fifth annual Girls Game in spring 2006 at Cox Arena. 7th March.
    FedEx negotiates the first industry connection between Mainland China and Europe. 2nd March.
    FedEx negotiates important awards from Lowe's Home Warehouse. March 8th.

    2nd Week
    McDonalds negotiates with Venus and Serena Williams for healthy living campaign. 9th March
    FedEx Corp. negotitates with Kenneth R. Masterson, the terms for his retirement from June ...

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    "The Citizens and Hanover Insurance Companies have negotiated the terms of regional vice presidency with Debra Richardson. March 28th."


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