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    Unintentional Plagiarism and the Workplace/School

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    Please read following article called "Plagiarism Doesn't Bother Me" by Professor Gerald Nelms:

    1) Based on your experience, have you seen such practices in your work? Give an example. Why do you think this practice is rather common in business/professional writing?

    2) Where do you think the practice of using the same format, even the same language, for business documents might have come from? Can you think of any examples of when you have noticed the use of what is sometimes called "boilerplate" documents and language?

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    Professor Nelms' (2015) points out that students may unintentionally plagiarize, perhaps as a result of learning new material and constructing knowledge or even as a result of institutional expectations. For example, at work I am expected to follow a template when inputing category information. By following a set format, and even repeating previously used phrases, I am helping my supervisors process the information quickly and within expectations. At school, I try to align my work with the evaluation rubric and the prompt. As a result, I may ...

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    This solution discusses how unintentional plagiarism may happen at school and in the workplace. It provides examples.