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    Sustaining Leader Communication

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    Note: Use a word count of 150 for each question.

    Hi, I need some assistance formulating answers for these questions. Not too sure how to approach this.

    1.Describe the importance of reinforcing leadership messages. Why do some leaders undervalue reinforcing key messages?

    2. If you agree with Jack Welch that leaders cannot communicate too much, provide examples of why this is true. Are there potential pitfalls in over communication?

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    Key messages should always be reinforced by management. Management must reinforce leadership messages in order to effectively lead. By doing so, all employees in the organization understand where management stands on leadership policies. This is crucial so that all employees also understand what is and what is not accepted from and to management, regarding the same policies. When leadership messages are undervalued, it degrades the organizational culture and internal environment of the organization. This acts as a ...

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    This solution explains the importance of reinforcing leadership messages, and if too much communication from leaders can ever be detrimental.