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    Different Communication Styles and Dominant Style

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    What are the different communication styles and what is your dominant style? Does it change depending on who you are selling/presenting to? Why?

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    Performer: Open, friendly, sociable. Has ideas and knows how to sell them. Very creative with ideas and what if situations. Likes the win-win for all. Flexible and reliable, but tends to lose patience with other's lack of same. Doesn't learn from mistakes, but insists on double checking everything, facts, concerns, potential issues. Deals well with change because the focus is on flexible and teamwork. Likes risk and works to convince others of its value.

    Negotiator: focused on relationships and how to maintain them. Loyal to current and past clients and suppliers. Conservative in presentation, levelheaded and calm, composed, deals well with surprises. Somewhat creative, but more interested in harmony and customer service. Negotiator is concerned over conflicts and will attempt to solve the conflict rather than work on the task. Person is solo, isolated when working. Sometimes has a personal agenda which conflicts with the other person. Can deal with business change, but does not like personal change. Needs to have information to deal with ...

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    The solution discusses the different communication styles and the dominant style.