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    Creating an International Communications Forum

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    Suggest ways in which people can create an international communication forum while maintaining respect for different cultures and codes of conduct. Select a region of the world (other than North America) to investigate (I have selected China).

    Gather information regarding the region's perspective on the Internet, and discuss the challenges this might present in forming a global economy.
    For example, how does China regard privacy, intellectual property, and free speech?

    How would this information affect strategic management for a multinational firm?
    Cite all references using APA format.

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    Due to the restrictions that the Chinese government has placed on many aspects of human rights for Chinese citizens, there will be quite a few obstacles to the development of a global economy, in respect to the Chinese contribution. The Chinese have a variety of restrictions on Internet use, which primarily includes the total right of the government to monitor all Internet correspondence and communication that take place within its borders. In addition, Internet providers have had to ensure ...