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    Communication and Trust

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    Provided an example from an organization of a situation that created or destroyed trust and highlighted some of the consequences.

    Provided three to five behaviors/communication behaviors that create or destroy trust.

    Justified answers with logical rationale, personal experiences, examples, and/or cited sources.

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    Communication and Trust

    Situation that created or destroyed trust and consequences
    This is a situation that destroyed the trust of the employees on the management of a private corporation. This was a situation when the management did not fulfil its promise to the employees. The employees that time have not been given a raise in their compensation for several years, despite their efforts to build the company and to place it in where it was that time. They knew that the company has been earning and has also been acquiring capital assets, hence their demand for a raise.
    The company management, in response to the demands of the employees for an increase in their salaries to cope with their family economic difficulties, promised to provide living ...

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