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Short analysis of Bribery

I am in charge of trying to secure a contract for the sale of U.S. telecommunications equipment worth about $40 million to the communications and transport ministry of a Latin American country. European firms are also eager for the contract. Quality differences in the products of the various suppliers are not important. A local accountant, who has helped me with government negotiations in the past, suggests to me that the company might receive the contract if it were willing to deposit $2 million in the Swiss bank account of the general in charge of the ministry.

Should I? Would I reconsider if I worked for a European firm?

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You should not indulge in bribery in order to secure such contracts. The situation will not differ even if you were representing an European firm because ethical standards and issues does not differ with different regions or nations and one should follow the best practices and ethical decisions while facing ...

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Short analysis of Bribery