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Find your host country's ranking in the corruption perceptions index and the bribe payers index at www.transparency.org. Where does its region stand according to the global corruption barometer? How might this information affect potential foreign direct investment coming in to the country/region in relations to our previous company AMS.750 to 1000 words

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// Corruption and bribery have become a common ailment of today's world. In this assignment, we would study about the barometer measuring the perception regarding corruption and bribery. But before starting with the assignment, it is necessary that the topic should be introduced in a short paragraph; like this.//

Corruption and bribery have become a major issue in today's competitive environment. There has been no region, no country, which remains untouched by it. Corruption has spread its roots to the most of the spheres in the present scenario. It is one of the biggest problems challenging the world. Nations whether developed or developing are all suffering from this common disease. It is one of the major issues that have blocked the development of countries. Bribery has become rampant problem of today's society (Rugman, 2002). In this paper, two barometers of measuring corruption and bribery have been looked upon. These two barometers are corruption perceptions index and the bribe payer's index.

// Now, after giving a short introduction, we would first, discuss the corruption barometer taken i.e. corruption perception index. After this, we would discuss country position according to this index. //

Before analyzing the host country's ranking according to this barometer, it is essential to understand them first. The corruption perception index is a global corruption measurement tool, which has been developed by the transparency international. The index was first published in the year 1995. Through the use of this measurement tool, statistics regarding the corruption and transparency levels of various countries are measured. This is done at two levels i.e. the global and the local level. This tool is considered to be the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1102 words with references.