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Not every problem requires research testing however we must also consider that research and testing often costs an organization a lot. What do you think if an organization can possibly use diagnostic means and techniques to test problems and look at current or potential future problems that an organization faces or is likely to face? Included here would be using checklists, templates and other such diagnostic means that give a fairly accurate yet instant snapshot, and can be even applied to exploratory research, to ensure that all pertinent issues are explored and examined. These may thus be used rather than frequently testing a problem. It may save costs, be quicker, and also quick for decision-making. The firm can test and research where truly warranted. What do you think of such an approach or line of thinking?

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This line of thinking is quite interesting. I would approach it as the fact that it does save the company money, but they also need to find out what is going in regards to the issues within the organization, and come up with a way to make it work. Currently, in the realm of organizational leadership, using diagnostic means and techniques are currently used. A person is able to go in and use either ...

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