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    Here is a log sheet for a patient information system used by nurses at a convalescent home to record patient visitors and activities during their shifts.

    Date Patient Visitors Relationship Activities
    02/14 Clarke 2 Mother, Father Walked about halls, attended chapel, meals in cafeteria
    Coffey 6 Coworkers Played games, party in room
    Martine 0 - Meals in room
    Laury 4 Husband and Friends Games in sunroom, watched TV
    Finney 2 Son, Daughter Conversation, meals in cafeteria
    Cartwright 1 Sister Conversation, crafts room
    Goldstein 2 Sister, Brother Conversation, Games out of room, whirlpool

    a. Design a printed report that provides a summary for the charge nurse of each shift and a report for the activities coordinator at the end of the week. Be sure to use proper conventions to indicate constant data, variable data, and so on. These reports will be used to determine staffing patterns and future activity offerings.

    b. Design display output for Problem A using form design software. Make any assumptions about system capability necessary and follow display design conventions for onscreen instructions. (Hint: You can use more than one display screen if you wish.)

    c. In a paragraph, discuss why you designed each report as you did in Problems A and B. What are the major differences in your approach to each one? Can the printed reports be successfully transplanted to displays without changes? Why or why not?

    d. Some of the nurses are interested in a Web-based system that patients' families can access from home with a password. Design an output screen for the Web. In a paragraph, describe how your report had to be altered so that it could be viewed by one patient's family.

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