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This post addresses a feasibility analysis.

I need help with the following two parts. I am thinking of opening up a liquor store business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Part 2: Industry/ Target Market Feasibility
A. Industry Attractiveness
B. Target Market attractiveness

Part 3: Organizational Feasibility
A. Management Prowess
B. Resource sufficiency

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A. Industry Attractiveness

Due to the number of liquor stores currently in the area, the industry attractiveness would rate high based on the premise that demand continues to grow. Because this is an industry with a continually growing demand that has periods of stability, it is an ideal industry to begin a new venture. The location selected shows profitability due to the number of liquor stores in the area that continue as a going-concern. Another crucial aspect of the industry attractiveness is that the barriers to enter the industry are low, and the requirements of federal, state, and local compliance are the only main hindrance that needs to be addressed in the pre-operational stage of the venture.

B. Target Market attractiveness

Due to the number of competitors that are in the area, my venture will be a regular liquor store but will consider a specialization in products ...

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