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Decoding a message in the workplace

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Describe a situation from a workplace where you had trouble decoding a message.

Identify the obstacle(s) that were present that hindered effective communication.

Describe at least two strategies you would recommend for improving communication in your workplace.

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>>> Describe a situation from a workplace where you had trouble decoding a message.

The Manager of IT explained our organization would be implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan and needed to have a layout of the detail needed in the plan.

His words were, "It has to cover our main company and all our subsidiary companies. We will also be acquiring another company, Petersons that will become part of the main organization like Walters and Felden. This disaster recovery information will need to cover the main company and the subsidiaries."

The main organization Dunly Inc. presently covered Walters Co and Felden Co. The other two subsidiaries were Telfor located in NY and Sandly located in Michigan. According to what the manager explained, it was translated (decoded) to mean that Dunly Inc was going to acquire Petersons ...

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