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    Vintech Manufacturing: Buy or Make the Part

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    Brief Exercise 23-4

    Vintech Manufacturing incurs unit costs of $7 ($4 variable and $3 fixed) in making a subassembly part for its finished product. A supplier offers to make 17,000 of the part at $5.60 per unit. If the offer is accepted, Vintech will save all variable costs but no fixed costs.

    Prepare an analysis showing the total cost saving, if any, Vintech will realize by buying the part. (If an amount reduces the net income for Increase (Decrease) column then enter with a negative sign preceding the number e.g. -15,000 or parenthesis, e.g. (15,000). Enter all other amounts in all other columns as positive and subtract where necessary.)
    Make Buy Net Income Increase
    Variable manufacturing costs

    Fixed manufacturing costs

    Purchase price

    Total annual cost

    The decision should be to buy the part or make the part?

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