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    return on total assets

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    The total assets of the ABC Company on January 1, 19x9 were $2.3 million and on December 31, 19x9 were $2.5 million. Net income for 19x9 was $188,000. Dividends for 19x9 totaled $75,000, interest expenses totaled $70,000, and the tax rate was 30%. The return on total assets for 19x9 was closest to:
    A) 9.5%.
    B) 6.8%.
    C) 9.9%.
    D) 10.8%.

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    Net Income 188,000
    Dividends 75,000
    Interest 70,000
    Taxes 56,400
    EBIT 239,400

    Total Assets
    Beginning of Year 2,300,000
    End of Year 2,500,000
    Average 2,400,000

    ROA 9.98%

    Background info on ROA:

    A ratio that measures a company's earnings before ...

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