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    Bond Issue and Public Relations

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    The Mayor and the City Council are championing the issuance of a new bond issue to finance infrastructure improvements needed for the School District. We need to inform the voters of the issues that are involved and how the bond issue will solve the District's problems and what impact the bonds will have upon them. We would appreciate your recommendations on the best way to deliver that message to the citizens.

    The local media are considering coming out in support of the Mayor's position on the issue, but as the Mayor's public relations assistant, you have work to do to convince them completely. What are the key factors that will affect the media's decision whether to back the Mayor? As the PR person in the organization, what are the most important pieces of information to communicate to the media to gain their support?

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    The most important pieces of information that needs to be communicated to media include the benefits of the proposed bond issue to the society and community in the area. The PR person should provide ...

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    The expert examines the bond issues and public relations for city council championing. Communicated informations to the media to gain their support is determined.