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Bond Prices Calculations

Have 2 bonds x and y (both make annual payments)
bond x is a premium bond , pays a 10% coupon, has a ytm of 5 % and 17 years to maturity.
bond y is a discount bond, pays a 5% coupon, has a ytm of 10% and 17 years to maturity.
i have to find out the value of the bonds 6 and 10 years from now :(if interest rates remain unchanged )

i used the following formula the professor gave me :
c(1/i - 1/ i(1+i)n ) + 1000( 1/ (1+i)n

each i = the intrest rate and the n is the exponent= to 17

my answers are:
bond x = $1,563.703314
bond y = $598.9223346 but i still have to find the prices for 6 and 10 years ahead. How would i do so.

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I am attaching an excel sheet to show you how to calculate the Bond Price using Excel.

Now, 6 years ahead would mean that the bonds would have 11 years to maturity, so instead of using 17 as an exponent, we would use 11 as an exponent, ...

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