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Market price of a bond

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Compute the market price of a bond. Banzai Corporation is issuing $200,000 of 8%, 5 year bonds when potential bond investors want a return of 10%. Interest is payaing semiannually. (The bonds are selling at a discount). For an example, refer to Chapter 15, page 668. An example of the computations you need to make are shown in Illustration 15A-10. You will need to use Tables 15A-1 and 15A-2 located with the chapter.

Accounting Principles, 9th Edition
Jerry J. Weygandt, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Paul D. Kimmel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Donald E. Kieso, Northern Illinois University
ISBN: 978-0-470-31754-9
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The market price of the bond is the present value of interest and principal discounted at the required return
The semiannual interest ...

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Callable Bonds, Market Price, and Applicable interest rate

Suppose a bond with a par value of $1000 pays an annual coupon payment of $100. Interest rates are currently at 7% for all maturities of the same default risk as this bond. The bond has 10 years until maturity but is callable beginning in 2 years at a $75 call premium (that is, for $1075.00).

a. If interest rates remain the same, would you expect the bond to be called in 2 years?
b. Given your answer in (a), what would be the current market price of this bond?
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