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    Veblen International would like you to demonstrate your knowledge of the Black-Scholes option pricing model by finding the call price of a U.S. call option with the following characteristics. Show and submit all work completed:

    * stock price = $60
    * exercise price = $60
    * risk-free rate = 10%
    * volatility (variance of stock returns) = 11% per year
    * time to maturity = 4 months

    Mr. Herman has one final request before he presents his currency risk reduction plan to the board of directors next week. He would like you to construct a 5 paragraph document detailing the various concepts that are not clearly understood by several members of the upper-level management:

    1. swap rates
    2. in the money, out of the money, at the money
    3. plain vanilla swap
    4. put-call parity

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