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    Ritz-Carlton Case Study

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    1. How does The Ritz-Carlton match up to competitive hotels? What are the key differences?
    2. Discuss the importance of the "wow stories" in customer service for a luxury hotel like The Ritz-Carlton?

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    One of the key differences with the Ritz-Carlton lies in its exceptional customer service practices. According to a Forbes article by reporter Carmine Gallo, customer satisfaction is measured by the American Customer Service Index and it was discovered the true concept of it is in bad shape. A survey released by the American Customer Service Index in February, showed the biggest decline in customer service in two years, due to the economy, massive layoffs and general lack attention to the very basics. However, even with this grim report "The Ritz-Carlton continues to delight its guests by focusing on educating its staff and keeping them motivated" (Gallo, 2011). In his report, Gallo interviewed the Marriott International President for Asia Pacific, Simon Cooper and was told that the reason Ritz-Carlton is able to accomplish what it does with customer services is due largely to its unique staff meeting called line ups. Line ups are daily 15 meetings called by management in each individual hotel where duties for the day are discussed along with team building, staff education, and sharing wow stories. After attending one of the meetings, Gallo asserted that "five -star service begins with your employees. Take every opportunity to communicate your company's values with them. Even 15 minutes a day will do" (Gallo, 2011). The Ritz-Carlton treats its staff like customers, and this goes a long way in teaching staff about the mechanics of customer service.

    Ritz Carlton also uses an outside service to filter prospective ...

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    The expert determines how The Ritz-Carlton match up to competitive hotels. The importance of the "wow stories" in customer service for a luxury hotel chain like The Ritz-Carlton is determined.