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The unique and varied circumstances of a variety of companies can provide a leader a wealth of information that can be applied to the development of effective leadership and project management style which is necessary to foster an atmosphere of success across the organization. Through the analysis of organizational culture, management teams can assess the values and perceptions of the employees across the organization. This assessment is useful in that it can help leaders to determine the best technique to manage projects that will support the super ordinate goals and objectives of the organization.

Evidenced through the benchmarking research, various applications of the project management strategies are available such as creating a work breakdown structure (WBS), and combining this with a tool like a project network. Leaders and managers of today are discovering the growing importance of researching industry solutions to improve their awareness and understanding of opportunities that can facilitate organizational growth and increase competitiveness in unpredictable markets and business environments.

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In an effort to achieve organizational success, leaders can learn a lot from companies that have developed effective leadership and project management style as a result of their unique and varied circumstances. ...

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