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Global Business and Trade Agreements

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1. How can you identify sources of economic strength that can generate profitable business opportunities in a remote environment?

2. How do you paraphrase the assumption that "economic activity rests on legal/cultural foundation?"

3. What types of business opportunities could you identify through NAFTA, APEC, MERCOSUR, and EU?

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By addressing the three questions, this solution examines several aspects of global business e.g. sources of economic strength in a remote environment, paraphrase of the assumption that "economic activity rests on legal/cultural foundation" and business opportunities that can be identified through NAFTA, APEC, MERCOSUR, and EU.

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I need to analyze the role of regional integration in promoting global business. Specifically I need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration with CAFTA and the US. I also have to compare and contrast the economic development stages of Guatemela and the ramifications of any economic development. Would appreciate any help you can give - I am at a loss of where to start

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