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Balanced Scorecard Flexibility

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To what degree the evidence suggests the balanced scorecard approach is amenable to most organizations.

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The evidence in the attached article clearly suggests that balance scorecard approach can be customized or modified to suit different types of organizations, projects or scenarios in ...

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Discusses feasibility of customizing Balanced Scorecard approach for different situations.

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Basic Balanced Scorecard Evaluation

ZZ Tire Company started as retail installer of tires on cars 10 years ago. They now have 400 retail stores, installing about 10,000 tires per store per year and selling a total of 4 million tires. 5 years ago, they decided to start manufacturing their own tires to sell in their retail locations.

They now have 4 manufacturing plants, making 2 million tires a year. They made a profit of $170 million dollars. On average, they make $50 a tire on the tires they manufacture and $35 on the tires from other manufacturers. Their current growth rate is 12% a year, and they are only located in the 10 southeastern states. Their current customer satisfaction rating is 85%. They are also starting to do research on making a tire that increases gas mileage in cars. Currently, they are using the same type of machines in the factory since the beginning and still use the same type of machines in their installation locations.

Do a basic balanced scorecard evaluation where you go through the four areas (learning and growth, internal business process, customer, and financial perspectives) and provide management some ideas for improvement. You are allowed to estimate and make assumptions about the company.

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