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    What is goodwill and when is it on the balance sheet?

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    Kallus Corp is an industry leader in the manufacture of toys. Each year, its design staff comes up with new ideas that are a great success. As a result, Kallus sales and profits consistently exceed those of other toy manufacturers. Over the past ten years, Kallus has earned average net profits of $189 million compared to the $122 million for the typical company in the toy industry.

    Does Kallus have goodwill? Explain?

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    If you want an ACCOUNTING answer.....

    Goodwill as defined by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) arises when you purchase a business for more than the fair market value of assets identified. Now, lets parse the techno-babble. What they mean is that they record this strange asset called goodwill when a firm buys ...

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    Ah yes, the mystery of "goodwill." Seems this is a sticking point for most students. Finally, an explanation in plain everyday language and an example to show you.