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Preparing a Common Size Balance Sheet

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Problem 11.6 - Prepare a common size balance sheet
Refer to the consolidated balance sheets of the Intel Corporation annual report (see attached).

Prepare a common size balance sheet at December 29, 2008, using the following captions:
- Total currents assets
- Property, plane, and equipment (net)
- Marketable equity securities and other long-term investments
- Goodwill and other long-term assets
- Total assets
- Total current liabilities
- Total long-term liabilities (including deferred tax liabilities)
- Total stockholder's equity
- Total liabilities and stockholder's equity

Problem 11.10 - Ratio Analysis - Comprehensive problem, 2008 data
This problem is based on the 2008 annual report of Intel Corporation.


Compute the following profitability measures for the year ended December 27, 2008:
1. Return on investment, based on net income (perform a DuPont analysis)
2. Return on equity, based on net income
3. Price/earnings ratio. Use $14.18 as the year-end market price
4. Dividend yield
5. Dividend payout ratio

Compute the following liquidity measures at December 27, 2008:
1. Working capital
2. Current ratio
3. Acid-test ratio

Compute the following activity measures for the year ended December 27, 2008:
1. Number of days' sales in accounts receivable, based on a 365-day year
2. Number of days' sales inventory, based on a 365-day year
3. Accounts receivable turnover
4. Inventory turnover
5. Turnover of net property, plant, and equipment

Compute the following financial leverage measures at December 27, 2008:
1. Debt ratio
2. Debt/equity ratio

Compute the following physical measures of Intel's profitability at December 27, 2008:
1. Net revenues per employee
2. Operating income per employee. (Employees (in thousands 8309)

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This solution prepares a common size balance sheet for Intel Corporation.

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