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    Balance sheet finance as financial reporting practice unethical

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    > Off balance sheet finance as a financial reporting practice is unethical <

    Based on the title 'off balance sheet finance as a financial reporting practice is unethical' I'm asked to submit a paper that develops, expands upon and illustrates my arguments.

    Along that, I have to submit a Kolb critical thinking model that summarizes the main features of my arguments and acts as a structure of my essay. I desperately need some help in getting the essay started such as how exactly can I fit in some accounting cases involving companies using off balance sheet finance to mislead shareholders and investors (Eron, Lehman).

    Please explain and analysis the cases (Eron/ Lehman) or any other cases that are more up to date. My final paper should have a structure base on the following:

    Experiences (from the professional literature). What's the difference with academic literature and professional literature?
    World views in relation to off balance sheet finance.
    - Purpose of essay
    - Analysis of question asked
    - Concepts (from the academic literature)
    - Reasons/Assumptions to back up assertions
    - Assertions
    - Consequences and implications

    Along with any points I need to consider in structuring the paper (Pros/cons). Please give me full paragraphs instead of bullet points; I find that very unhelpful and vague. Please provide me with any reference citations you've used
    Thank you!!!!

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