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    Problem Solution: USA World Bank (MBA 510)

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    Problem Solution: USA World Bank. Includes material for the following sections:

    - Issue and Opportunity Identification
    - Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
    - Describe the "End-State" Vision
    - Identify the Alternatives and Benchmarking Validation
    - And more...

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    Problem Solution: USA World Bank

    Problem Solution: USA World Bank
    "With branch locations nationwide, (USAWB) enjoys a large consumer and small business base, and has been successful in several worldwide ventures as well" (rEsource, 2006). But, managerial decisions (or indecisions) have led to a string of only marginally successful banking products for USA World Bank customers. Resources have been stretched too thin. Bank systems focus their research and product development on a limited number of targets (usually just one).

    Describe the Situation
    Issue and Opportunity Identification
    Although Jim Wilson is in charge of marketing development at USA World Bank (USAWB), he has developed working relationships with many small business owners and appears to have an inside track to their particular needs. Jim's desire to help USAWB to develop winning products has stretched beyond small business products and his help may be necessary in order to develop any/all new products.
    Brian Allen has had too much of a hands-off approach to his team's development of new products. He does not want to be perceived as being a micro-manager. But, he is leaving too far in the opposite direction: he has become too distant from the work his team is doing, even though he is the president of new product development. "In fact, his past several initiatives have been only marginally successful, and this year, he's feeling pressure to show some results" (rEsource, 2006).

    Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
    Several competing interests are involved in this scenario. Bea Hansen has been brought on by the Board of Directors to analyze the work being undertaken by Brian and his crew. Unfortunately, this does mean that these two individuals might be at odds. "She is not political and will not play like a team member just to reach a decision" (rEsource, 2006).
    Brian also has some managerial issues that will need to be addressed. Brian is a "a confirmed hands-off supervisor..." (rEsource, 2006) and will need to address ...

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