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    What is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and what are its roles and functions?

    How does the ASEAN promote economic integration and economic development for its member countries?

    How can ASEAN measure the benefits of its regional economic integration for global business?

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    ASEAN was formed to speed up the growth of the economy, social progress & development of culture through helping each other out in equality and partnership while promoting peace & stability throughout the region, having respect for justice and the rule of the law amongst the countries in the South East Asian region, to strengthen the foundation for community of Southeast Asian nations which is prosperous and peaceful.

    The creation of AFTA by ASEAN members was meant to remove the protective barriers to the various manufacturing industries that have so far impeded the growth of the ASEAN economy. While the creation of AFTA means that consumers will get to enjoy more goods, AFTA has also affected the manufacturing sector, especially in profit margins and increased competition from foreign competitors.


    The ASEAN Economic Community shall establish ASEAN as a single market and production base, turning the diversity that characterises the region into opportunities for business complementation and making the ASEAN a more ...

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    What is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and what are its roles and functions?