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    American Red Cross and its Organizational Culture

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    American Red Cross 1

    1) Analyze the relationship between the design of American Red Cross and its organizational culture. 300 words please

    2) Evaluate the effects of change on the American Red Cross. 300 words please

    Use 2 peer-reviewed references

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    (1) Analyze the relationship between the design of the American Red Cross and its organizational culture

    The Red Cross is designed to delivers its programs and services to communities nationwide through a network of local units--chapters. The purpose of Red Cross disaster relief is to enable individuals and families to resume their normal daily activities independently. On its website, the American Red Cross (ARC) cites a number of over 800 ARC chapters across the U.S. and its territories. The relationship between the design of the ARC and its organization culture is based on a variety of services offered by the chapters to the communities including: (a) blood drives, (b) first aid, (c) CPR and water safety, (d) connection with family members overseas in the military, (e) assistance in times of disaster; and (f) international tracing and disaster relief. The primary components of the chapters consist of five services: (1) Biomedical Services, (2) Health and Safety services, (3) Disaster Services, (4) Armed Forces Emergency Services, and (5) international Services (www.redcross.org).

    Biomedical Services provides collection, testing and distribution for approximately 45% of the nation's blood supply. Health and Safety Services helps save lives and strengthen communities. Disaster relief focuses on meeting people's immediate needs, which includes shelter, food, and health and mental health services. Armed Forces Emergency Services (AFES) are located throughout the United States and abroad, the Red Cross provides support to men and women of the ...

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    This solution describes the design and culture of the Red Cross as an humanitarian organization; and describes changes that have had an effect on the organization.