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    Bad Debt Expense in Producing Coffee

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    A company producing coffee began the year with an allowance for Bad Debts at $22,000.

    During the year, $25,000 of accounts receivable were written off.

    The adjusted balance in allowance for Bad Debts on the end-of-year balance sheet was $27,000.

    Question: What is the amount of bad debt expense for the year?

    Please explain answer in detail.

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    Allowance for Doubtful Debts Account

    (a) Allowance for Doubtful Accounts-Beginning balance $22000
    (b) Less: Accounts receivable written off during the year $25000
    (c) Balance left (Dr) before year-end adjustments
    (a-b) (3000)
    (e) Bad Debts Expenses for the year estimated 30000
    (d) Adjusted balance of Allowance for doubtful account
    at the end of year- Credit balance (e-c) $27000

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