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    Global Trends of South Africa

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    I need your help witnh a 700 - 1,000-word paper identifying five global and/or regional trends that influence South Africa.

    Discuss how these identified trends affect one or more of the functional areas (e.g., marketing, finance, value chain, HR, economics) of business within the selected country. Be sure to cite your references in your paper. Refer to your textbooks for additional references.

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    South Africa offers long-term opportunities for many exporters with the right products, resources, and creativity. Plenty of market opportunities exist, however proper positioning and promotion are the most important considerations. There is a disappointing level of economic growth, persistently high levels of unemployment, increased income inequality. Due to these reasons, there is a shift a shift in the emphasis of government spending from social to economic services. The main idea is to create employment opportunities in infrastructure projects. However most of these plans and programs cost money and can only operate well within framework of macroeconomic stability. Budgetary trade-offs between such direct intervention and the ability of the economy to finance such programmes will therefore be an essential part of future macro-economic planning.The results of the commercialization, corporatisation and legal succession of the South African Railways and Harbors during 1990s led to critical underinvestment in important areas and the illogical fragmentation of assets, processes and systems. African economy is still sensitive to the availability and cost of some natural and environmental resources such as gold. With the negative ecological feedbacks of pollution and waste becoming ...

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    This solution of 737 words focuses on South Africa and identifies the long-term opportunities and limitations of the local and global economy. It also analyzes how low foreign direct investment affects the overall economy. References used are included.