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    To go to a boss or not

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    If you gave a report you thought was a great report to your boss a while ago and this report analyzes department productivity and tells several steps that you think that will improve employee output without increasing each workload. Brilliant you thought, but you have not heard anything from your manager, did you overstep your boundaries by making recommendations that she might think she was not doing a good job, did you overwhelm her with your ideas, you would like some feedback, in your last email to her, you asked if she read the report, so far you have not received a reply then you overheard the company VP talk about some productivity changes in your area and the changes were the ones you had in your report, now you are worried that your boss submitted your report to the senior management and will get all the credit for your ideas, what if anything, should you do, should you confront your boss for this develop a situation to this sticky situation? Explain your rationale.

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    1. Don't Speculate on the Reason for the Suspected Unfairness

    Even if I have good cause to believe that I have been taken credit for my great report, I have nothing to gain by sharing this view with co-workers. Even worse is speculating as to the cause of the suspected unfairness action. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose by speculating on the reason for my boss's unfairness.

    2. Discuss My Concerns with the Boss

    If I am really convinced that the boss has taken my report and take all the credit, I would schedule a closed-door meeting with my boss. I would like to see it as my opportunity to see the boss's side of the story. I will keep my mind open to the fact that the boss's actions may have been based on considerations of which I may have no knowledge. What you see as unfairness could have been a misunderstanding, an honest ...

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