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    Wings Corp: Post Entries Into T accounts

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    Post entries into T accounts.

    1) February 1: The firm pays the 2 year insurance premium of $2,400 for fire and liability coverage beginning February 1.

    2) February 5: Acquires merchandise costing $1,050,000. Of this amount, $1,455.00 is from suppliers to whom Wings returned defective merchandise during January but for which the firm had not yet received a refund for amounts paid. Wings Corp. acquired the remaining purchases on account.

    3) During February: Sells merchandise to customers totaling $1,500,000. Of this amount, $4,500.00 was to customers who had advanced Wings Corp. Cash during January. Wings Corp. makes the remaining sales on account.

    4) During February: The cost of goods sold in #3 was $950,000.

    5) During February: pays in cash selling and administrative expenses of $235,000.

    6) During February: Collects $1,206,000 from customers for sales previously made on account.

    7) During February: Pays $710,000 to suppliers of merchandise for purchases previously made on account.

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