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    Variable Costing Unit Product Cost and Income Statement

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    I have attempted to figure out the first two problems. I just need to compare my anwers so see I they match. I am not sure how to figure out problem #3, so I need a step-by- step solution.

    Desktec, Inc. makes an oak desk for personal computers. The desk sells for $200. Data for last year's operations are:

    Units at beginning inventory 0
    Units produced 10,000
    Units sold 9,000
    Units in ending inventory 1,000
    Variable costs per unit:
    Direct materials $60
    Direct labor 30
    Variable manufacturing overhead 10
    Variable selling and administrative 20
    Total variable cost per unit $120
    Fixed costs:
    Fixed manufacturing overhead $300,000
    Fixed selling and administrative 450,000
    Total fixed costs $750,000

    1. Assume that the company uses variable costing. Compute the unit product cost for one computer desk.

    Direct materials $60.00
    Direct labor 30.00
    Variable manufacturing overhead 10.00
    Unit product cost $100.00

    2. Assume that the company uses variable costing. Prepare an income statement for the year using the contribution format.


    Sales (9,000 units X $10) 90,000
    Less variable expenses
    Variable cost of goods sold:
    Beginning inventory 0
    Add variable manufacturing costs 1,000,000
    (10,000 X $100 per unit)
    Goods available for sale 1,000,000
    Less ending inventory (1,000 X $100 per unit) 100,000
    Variable cost of good sold 900,000
    Variable selling and administrative expenses
    (9,000 X $100 per unit) 90,000 990,000
    Contribution margin 990,000
    Less fixed expenses:
    Fixed manufacturing overhead $300,000
    Fixed selling and administrative 450,000 750,000
    Net operating income $240,000

    3. What is the company's break-even point in terms of units sold?

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    Answer 1 is correct.

    Answer 2 should be
    Sales 9,000X200=1,800,000
    Variable Cost 900,000
    Variable Selling (9,000X20)=180,000
    Total variable cost 1,080,000
    Contribution Margin = 720,000
    Fixed Cost 750,000
    Net ...

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    The solution explains the calculation of unit cost and preparation of an income statement under variable costing and the determination of breakeven point.