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    Tax Treatment for Expenses of a Tenured Professor

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    What is the tax treatment of travel expenses for the purpose of data collection paid by a tenured full professor?

    Not sure what IRC this will relate to and need assistance getting started based on the following criteria.

    Professor James obtained tenure and promotion to full professor status many years ago. Yet, he continues to publish research papers in scholarly journals to satisfy his own curiosity and to maintain his professional prestige and status within the academic community. Publications are also necessary in order for the Professor to receive pay raises at the university. This year, spent $3,400 was spent of his own funds to travel to collect some critical pieces of data

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    In your research memo, you should cite the applicable IRS sections verbatim.

    According to the scenario, James is a professor under full tenure but still enjoys to travel and collect data for his research publications. The amount in question related to expenses was incurred during research and not during teaching. Based upon this information, we would look to the IRS for the proper way to handle the $3,400 in expenses, which were not reimbursed by the college or any other source.

    According to IRS code, "If you are a college professor, you can deduct your research expenses, including travel expenses, for teaching, lecturing, or writing and publishing on subjects that relate directly to your teaching duties. You must have undertaken the research as a ...

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    This solution explains the applicable IRS section and related components in order to determine if Professor James can deduct his out-of-pocket research expenses.