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    Standard Costing

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    Only the following questions are to be answered

    a) If the materials price variance was $3,960 unfavorable, what was the standard materials price per pound?
    b) If the materials quantity variance was $2,871 favorable, what was the standard materials quantity per unit? 
    f) If total budgeted manufacturing overhead was $327,600 at normal capacity, what was the predetermined overhead rate per direct labor hour?
    h) How much overhead was applied to production during the year?
    i) If the standard fixed overhead rate was $2.50, what was the overhead volume variance?
    j) If the overhead controllable variance was $3,000 favorable, what were the total variable overhead costs incurred? (Assume that the overhead controllable variance relates only to variable costs.)
    k) Using selected answers above, what were the total costs assigned to work in process?

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