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Skills Necessary to Succeed in Public Accounting

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What are some skills necessary to succeed in public accounting.

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1. What are some skills necessary to succeed in public accounting?

"Money, Money, Money! If you have the right skills for the job, accounting can be a fulfilling and very profitable career option. Since the 1980s the business sector has become increasingly complex and competitive. These days, more and more companies are concentrating on the bottom line, turning accounting into a real growth industry. Accountants and auditors prepare and analyze financial information for governments, businesses, and other organizations. In the corporate realm, 90percent of all CEO's have a background in accounting. There are three main job areas: public accounting, management and government accounting, and internal auditing. For years accounting was considered by many to be merely a dull task of number crunching, but computer software programs have helped relieve some of that tedious load, thereby allowing accountants to become more creative and influential in business practices. In fact, accountants and financial officers have become so important to a firm's survival and financial health that many times they take a leading role in corporate decision-making" (http://www.saludos.com/cguide/bguide.html).

Public Accountants

Public accounting is a profession whose members render accounting services on a fee basis
www.crfonline.org/orc/glossary/p.html. Thus, skills that are imperative to the public accountants are to be self-directed, innovative and creative, mainly because public accountants generally own their own firms or work in private partnerships. It often involves more skills than just preparing tax returns, although this is one of the qualifications and skills necessary to be a successful public accountant. http://www.saludos.com/cguide/bguide.html

Public accountants also need to be have excellent skills in communication, computer application, public relations, technological skills, and strategic decision making skills as they often play an important ...

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