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    Reduce goal incongruence caused by return on investment?

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    a) What is goal incongruence?
    b) How can using the metric "return on investment" for performance evaluation lead to goal
    c) What can a firm do to reduce goal incongruence caused by using "return on investment" for
    performance evaluation?

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    (a) Goal incongruence results from differences in goals of the organization and what the workers are going. Often the worker is doing something (or failing to do something) that won't meet the firm's goals because they don't know the firms goals or the firm has many goals and they don't know which to honor when. So, in this case, the "confusion" or "ignorance" leads the workers to do whatever they think is a good idea, having little understanding if the activity is effective in meeting the firm goals. The other kinds of goal congruence is when the workers have different goals than the firm and so there is a clash between organization goals and personal goals. When the incongruence is causes by ignorance or confusion from multiple goals, good communication can often help. When the incongruence is caused by ...

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