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    You work for an large investment firm and recently wrote a position article on your firm's approach to investing for the small investor, titled "Investing is for the little guy". The article now appears on your company's website. It has, interestingly enough, generated e-mailed responses from potential clients and your firm is asking you to address some of their questions for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) segment that will be posted to the site soon.
    Specifically, some of the respondents have compared investing in the stock market as a no win situation and only the institutional investors can win. These respondents would like a response that further clarifies your firm's position regarding risk in light of these type of statements.

    In your response, your company has asked that you address these questions building upon the risk-return concepts you identified in the position piece you wrote for the firm.

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    //Before writing about the risk return concept; first, we have to understand the term "Investing is for the Little Guy". We will also write about the main objective of the small investor under the heading of Introduction.

    The approach of the large investing firm to attract the small investor will be profitable to provide a significant return to them. This approach is also gaining enough response from the potential clients. But at the same time, the respondents are comparing it by investing in the stock market as they find it to be 'no- win' situation for them. They find that only institutional ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 437 words with references.