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Proposal for appropriate controls to cover the account receivable

1. Design a proposal for the appropriate controls to cover accounts receivable.

2. the proposal must be based on the Apollo Shoes case. Your reading of the Apollo Shoes case should include board minutes and auditor messages and notes.

3. Be sure to obtain an understanding of (1) existing controls and (2) whether the controls are sufficient (not weak). Your proposal should include relevant controls (not generic) and a brief explanation of why you are recommending such controls.

4. APA guidelines must be followed.

5. Attached below is the Apollo Shoe Case to use.

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Your answer to this question should include the following aspects that pertain appropriate controls to cover accounts receivables:

Internal Controls: All aspects of accounts receiveables needs to have some sort of internal controls. The management team needs to document these control measures to include all affected stakeholders that generate receivables, receive payments, and perform collection activities on delinquent accounts.

Billing Practices: Bills should be recorded in an ...

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The expert designs a proposal for the appropriate controls to cover account receivables are determined.