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    Microsoft Excel

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    Using Microsoft Excel perform the following:

    Presented below is financial information related to Vi-Gro Corporation for the year 2002. Unless otherwise stated, all balances are ending balances.

    Vi-Gro Corporation had 88,000 shares of common stock outstanding for the entire year. Its effective income tax rate for state and federal income taxes combined is 35 percent.

    (a) Prepare a multiple-step income statement.
    (b) Prepare a single-step income statement.
    (c) Prepare a retained earnings statement.
    (d) Prepare a classified balance sheet.

    (e) Compute the following balance sheet relationships:
    (1) current ratio.
    (2) the amount of working capital.
    (3) debt to total assets ratio.
    What insights do these relationships provide to the reader of the financial statements?

    (Please see attachment for table)

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