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    Job cost sheet for Racing Wheels June Job 102 103 104

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    Job 102 Job 103 Job 104
    Direct Materials 30,000 66,000 54,000
    Direct Labor 16,000 28,400 42,000
    Overhead 8,000 14,200 21,000

    Job 102 was started in production in May and the following costs were assigned to it in May: direct materials, $12,000; direct labor, $3,600; and overhead, $1,800. Jobs 103 and 104 are started in June.

    Overhead cost is applied with a predetermined rate based on direct labor cost. Jobs 102 and 103 are finished in June, and Job 104 is expected to be finished in July. No raw materials are used indirectly in June. Using this information, answer the following questions. (Assume this company's predetermined overhead rate did not change across these months).

    1. What is the cost of the raw materials requisitioned in June for each of the three jobs?
    2. How much direct labor cost is incurred during June for each of the three jobs?
    3. What predetermined overhead rate is used during June?
    4. How much total cost is transferred to finished goods during June?

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