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IT Support Services and Seasonal Trends

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Why and which seasonal period(s) might an IT support services system (help desk) need to be aware of? Limit yourself to one type of seasonal period that applies.

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What are seasonal trends?

According to Kotler (2006), trend is a direction or sequence of events that reveal the shape of the future. These sequences of events that may bring about a trend may provide opportunities for IT services providers to expand their business operations. Cultural shifts may also bring new opportunities and trends. Trends monitored are along: demographic, natural, economic, and socio-cultural factors.
Factors that may bring about seasonal trend in IT services companies
Among the factors that may bring seasonal trends include growth of trade and investment and geographical shifts in population, among others.

IT support services companies conduct business with various industries that may include food, healthcare, telecommunication, financial services and several others. Their volume of ...

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This report includes a discussion of the nature of demand for IT service providers. Emphasis was given on the fact that their demand is considered as created demand because they are greatly affected by the volume of business of the companies and the industries that they serve. Among the seasonal trends discussed were those that were brought by year-round holidays and recurring lifestyle trends. It was further emphasized that the stage in the product life cycle where the client is in affects the volume of business of IT service providers.

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